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Tender Hearts is an initiative to provide children the right platform to discover and develop their inherent skills and acquire some new ones that could help them achieve overall growth in all aspects of life. We provide all the input and tools to ensure that children rise to their full potential here. While the prime focus in on academics, we also educate them in other aspects so that grow to become responsible citizens of our country.

At Tender Hearts, we strive to inculcate traditional values in children at an early stage of their life so that they can appreciate its importance. At the same time, we also create the right settings so that they can have access to modern technologies and value its role in the progress and development of the people and the country. We stand apart because:

  • We have smart classes where teaching is done using digital content
  • Our teacher-student ratio assists personalized teaching
  • In-house theoretical knowledge is further strengthened with practical projects
  • Regular parent-teacher meetings are conducted

Not Just Academics

Besides academics, Tender Hearts management team also places a lot of importance on other activities such as physical fitness, art and music, personality development and other similar activities which can contribute immensely towards the development of every child in our institution.

We have an experienced panel of academicians known for their ability to identify and nurture the unique skills and abilities of every child in our institution. We have created the best environment in our school for kids to make the right use of their inherent talent and acquired skills. We also encourage them in the areas of creative thinking and teach them to respect human values.

Committed To Making Future of Children Bright

As an institution committed to creating a bright future for children, Tender Hearts makes sure that we choose professionals with the appropriate credentials to provide the best guidance to children in academics as well as other extra-curricular activities.

We are constantly striving to ignite the feeling of self-awareness, innovation, inquisitiveness, passion and perseverance in all our students. Our state-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified staff members together ensure that there is never a dull moment for kids enrolled in our institution.